Joint flank profileWith straight edge and 12.5 cm mesh

Die APU-Joint flank profile W81

The APU joint flank profile is used in compound heat insulation systems for flush plaster joints with existing structural components such as door and window elements and frames. It is put directly on top of the insulation at a distance from the structural element. The watertight seal (e.g., with a PUR sealing strip) is not included and must be done in ac- cordance with the respective manufacturer’s specifications on planning and dimensions. After completion of the plastering work the profile forms a flush, clean termination of the plaster.

The profile has a welded fabric strip. Each bar has a fabric overhang on one side of 10cm in the lengthways direction. The rear mounting limb is available in 2 different overhang lengths:
W81-30 APU joint flank profile, 30mm limb width
W81-60 APU joint flank profile, 60mm limb width

The included plug connectors (Z14) connect the profiles as a flush joint in the area where the pieces abut. The corner is formed using prefabricated corner pieces (Z81-30 or Z81- 60). These are not included in the scope of delivery.


Joint flank profile, With straight edge and 12.5 cm mesh
W81-253030 mm
Length2.5 m
Packaging unit15 bars = 37,5 m
Weight (per PU)6.4 kg
W81-256060 mm
Length2.5 m
Packaging unit15 bars = 37,5 m
Weight (per PU)9.6 kg


  • Rigid PVC manufactured under DIN-16941
  • Min. 160 g/m2 approved for compound heat insulation systems 12.5 cm wide – MW 4x4mm
  • Ultrasonic welded
  • Z14-2000 APU plug connectors, small
Optional accessories
  • Z81-0030 APU joint flank profile, corner piece, 30 mm limb width
  • Z81-0060 APU joint flank profile, corner piece, 60 mm limb width

Important notes

StorageAlways store profiles laid down in a dry place.
Scope of deliveryThe sealing tape/strip is not included with the product.
Other applicationsAny applications not clearly described in the documents may be implemented only after consultation with the plaster or ETICS manufacturer.
Selection criteriaAdhere to the latest APU selection criteria.
see APU selection criteria


Sectional drawing in mm


Application drawing

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