Who are We?

APU AG, based in Schaffhausen (Switzerland), develops, produces and distributes high-quality plastic plaster connection profiles for interior and exterior plastering, as well as for external thermal insulation composite systems (ETICS). APU® profiles stand for innovative and safe system solutions during processing and when installed, and have done so for decades.

It is our many years of experience, the high quality as well as the proven and innovative plaster connection solutions that made the APU strip synonymous with window reveal bead.

Interior and exterior windows, doors
Interior and exterior corner formation
WDVS Base connection
WDVS Window sill
WDVS Windows, doors
WDVS Roller shutter connection
WDVS Corner formation
WDVS Plaster separation
WDVS Movement / expansion joint
WDVS Drip edge
WDVS Roof / sheet metal connection

APU - Quality assurance

In an elaborate testing procedure, our products are tested by independent testing institutes and subjected to the toughest conditions to demonstrate their suitability for practical use. This is documented by certificates and test reports for the individual products. Our priority is close and personal contact with our customers. Thus, through intensive and competent consultation and support, individual and high-quality plaster connections can be realized in addition to our standard solutions.

From our distribution center in Germany we supply our customers worldwide.

Our ambition is to offer more safety and to simplify the processing by continuous development and modification of the different connection profiles.

Our experience and adherence to the proven APU quality are essential factors in this. The basis of this quality is a company-wide quality management according to (DIN EN) ISO 9001.

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