Mounting bracketFor W66 and W67

Die APU-Mounting bracket Z16

The APU mounting brackets are used around the base as an installation aid for the wall insulation. If the perimeter insulation is being fitted retrospectively, the wall insulation panels must be placed onto the self-adhesive mounting brackets (2 brackets per running metre). The bracket is available in 2 different projections (60 mm and 120 mm).


Mounting bracket
Z16-006060 mm
Packaging unit100 units · 4 bags in a box
Weight (per PU)3.2 kg
Z16-0120120 mm
Packaging unit100 units · 4 bags in a box
Weight (per PU)3.5 kg


  • Rigid PVC manufactured under DIN-16941
Suitable for
  • W66-0 SOKA-TEX-ZERO base edge profile
  • W66-1 SOKA-TEX-UNO base edge profile
  • W66-2 SOKA-TEX-DUE base edge profile
  • W66-4 SOKA-TEX-QUATTRO base edge profile
  • W67-2 SOKA-FIX-DUE base edge profile

Important notes

Other applicationsAny applications not clearly described in the documents may be implemented only after consultation with the plaster or ETICS manufacturer.
Perimeter insulationFor installation with no perimeter insulation
see Z20 product documents

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