Plug connectors roundSmall

Die APU-Plug connectors small Z14

The APU plug connectors are ideal for secure, flush connection of APU profiles. In each instance, the appropriate plug connector (Z13, Z14 or Z15) is inserted into the cavity provided on the end of the profile and connected with a perfect fit to the next profile. The plug connectors are included as accessories in the profiles’ packaging unit.


Plug connectors, Small
Packaging unit1200 units · 40 bags in a box
Weight (per PU)0.4 kg


  • Plastic
Suitable for
  • Plug connector, small
  • W36-pro PUR-FIX-N-PRO window reveal bead with
  • W36-plus mesh
  • W41 PUR-FIX-N-PRO window reveal bead with
  • W42 mesh
  • W43 FEBA-TEX-ATTIKA stop bead with mesh
  • W58 FEBA-TEX-UNI stop bead with mesh
  • W81 FEBA-DUO-TEX stop bead with mesh

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