Base edge profile SOKA-TEX-ZEROWith drip edge and 12.5 cm mesh

Die APU-Base edge profile SOKA-TEX-ZERO W66-0

The APU base edge profile SOKA-TEX-ZERO is used in compound heat insulation sys- tems as the bottom termination of the wall insulation. Dependent on insulating material thickness, the base edge profile is pushed in in flexible ways between perimeter insulation and wall insulation. Where insulating material thick- nesses differ, the base edge profile can in each instance be extended by 50 mm using the APU extension for W66 (Z23). The base edge profile forms an exact plaster edge with a drip nose.

The base edge profile SOKA-TEX-ZERO with the drip nose that it forms ensures that wa- ter is accurately guided away. There is a fabric window reveal bead welded onto the profile. Each bar has a fabric overhang on one side of 10cm inthe lengthways direction. The included plug connectors (Z13) and inner and outer corners (Z18 - 0) enable the pro- files to be joined and fitted very precisely. What is created after completion of the plastering work is a clean termination of the plaster.


Base edge profile SOKA-TEX-ZERO, With drip edge and 12.5 cm mesh
Length2.0 m
Packaging unit25 bars = 50 m
Weight (per PU)11.9 kg


  • Rigid PVC manufactured under DIN 16941
  • Min. 160 g/m2 approved for compound heat insulation systems 12.5 cm wide – MW 4x4mm
  • Ultrasonic welded
  • Z13-0000 Plug connectors (1 bag)
  • Z18-0-1010i Internal corners (2 pieces)
  • Z18-0-1010a External corners (4 pieces)
Optional accessories
  • For installing the perimeter insulation later:
  • Z16-0060 Mounting bracket 60 mm
  • Z16-0120 Mounting bracket 120 mm
  • Z20-2005 Mounting rail 50 mm
  • Z20-2010 Mounting rail 100 mm
  • Z20-2016 Mounting rail 160 mm
  • For installation without perimeter insulation (insulation material thickness up to 150 mm):
  • Z20-2005 Mounting rail 50 mm
  • Z20-2010 Mounting rail 100 mm
  • For insulating material extension:
  • Z23-2000 extension for W66 2.0 m

Important notes

Other applicationsAny applications not clearly described in the documents may be implemented only after consultation with the plaster or ETICS manufacturer.
Perimeter insulationFor retrospective installation of perimeter insulation
see Z16 and Z20 product documents
For installation with no perimeter insulation (where the insulating material thickness is 150 mm or more perimeter insulation is required)
see Z20 product documents


Sectional drawing in mm


Application drawing

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