Window reveal bead PUR-FIX-proWith shadow gap and mesh strip 5.0 cm

Die APU-Window reveal bead PUR-FIX-pro A38-pro

The APU window reveal bead PUR-FIX-pro is used with indoor and outdoor plaster sys- tems as specified by the latest APU selection criteria. Within the reveal the profile is fixed flush to the structural element there and after completion of the plastering work forms a clean and reliable termination of the plaster with a shadow gap.

The profile comes with an expanding PUR sealing strip, which ensures a watertight, lasting seal without any sticking directly to the structural element. The PUR sealing strip is impacted lengthways and has an overhang for sealing the joint. The PUR sealing strip is able to absorb relatively large movements in the area around the joint. There is a fabric window reveal bead welded onto the profile. It provides added reliability for the interlocking within the plaster. There is a piece of self-adhesive tape on protective flap in order to secure the third-party protective film. This protects the window during the plastering work. After completion of the work the protective flap and the red activation tab are removed and what is created is a clean plaster edge. The profile is thus suitable for all standard windows and doors and can be universally used.

Area of application A38 PUR-FIX-pro

Without adhesive connection – suitable for all standard doors and windows
No test of adhesion required

Window position
Within masonry
Window sizeup tp 15m²


With shadow gap and 5.0 cm mesh strips
Length2.4 m
Packaging unit25 bars = 60 m
Weight (per PU)10.3 kg


  • Rigid PVC manufactured under DIN-16941
Protective flap
  • Detachable with soft TPE connection and double-sided adhesive tape
  • PE foam tape 6 x 1 mm
  • PUR sealing strip, 10 mm, type BG1
  • Watertight for joints of 3 - 9 mm
  • Min. 160 g/m2 approved for compound heat insulation systems
  • 5 cm wide – MW 6 x 6 mm
  • Ultrasonic welded
  • VDPM leaflet: Class A with adhesive connection

Important notes

StorageAlways store profiles laid down in a dry place.
Test of adhesionPerform adhesion test.
Other applicationsAny applications not clearly described in the documents may be implemented only after consultation with the plaster or ETICS manufacturer.
MovementMovements can be absorbed depending on the elongation capacity and the dimensioning of the PUR sealing tape.


Sectional drawing in mm


Application drawing



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